Cider Duty

Earlier this year, The European Commission decreed that the British government will have to abolish duty exemption worth £2,500 to small-scale producers of cider and perry.

Under this exemption, UK cider-makers who produce fewer than 70 hectolitres a year –– do not have to pay duty.

This interference from the EU could hit these producers extremely hard. It has been fantastic meeting local producers throughout the year and I hope that we can persuade the EU Commission to reverse their decision. After all, what could be better than English wines and ciders produced right here in the heart of the East Midlands?

This proud heritage needs protecting, and burdening these producers with even more red tape and increased tax will only harm this industry.

With that being said, there is some good news, as the Commission has opened a public consultation on this, which they rarely do unless they are willing to change their stance. I’d encourage all cider producers to respond to the consultation, by visiting

People can also sign a petition against the order, by visiting

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