Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce hears from local MEP

East Midlands Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin has this week met Leicestershire businessmen to explain how MEPs can help them get their views heard by politicians in the European Parliament and in the European Commission.

Speaking at a lunch organised by Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce at Leicestershire’s newest Hotel, the Radisson Blu at East Midlands Airport, Miss McClarkin said it was vital that businesses, trade and professional organisations communicated and stayed up to date on decisions being made that would affect investment in regions like the East Midlands.

Miss McClarkin stressed that whilst the crisis in the Eurozone was dominating the agenda in Brussels, MEPs and businessmen had to let the decision makers in the EU know the reality of life on the ground in the region if the UK were to get common sense in legislation coming from Europe.

Speaking at the event, Miss McClarkin said:

“Britain voted for a European Common Market, and so far it has not been delivered. Elected MEPs have a duty to represent business views to the EU and that is what I am doing along with my Conservative Colleagues in the European Parliament.

“As am ambassador for the East Midlands I want to help promote local businesses and boost economic growth by saying we are open for business. I will continue to fight unnecessary regulation and barriers to trade, as well as fighting to defend jobs and investment in the East Midlands.”

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