MEP Joins Bikers’ Rally in Brussels

As a number of bikers descended on Brussels today to warn against draconian legislation affecting new motorbikes, East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin joined them on the ride to the European Parliament, and said she believed that the bikers’ concerns are being heard and hopes they will be reflected in the final law.

The EU is currently reviewing the so-called ‘Type Approval’ for two and three wheel vehicles, which sets out performance and design standards for new models. Among bikers’ concerns are the possible introduction of anti-tampering equipment, mandatory ABS on high-powered bikes, and on-board diagnostics.

Miss McClarkin – who rode pillion with Mike Weatherley MP who came over from Westminster to join the rally – said that the concerns that have been raised by motorcycle users are being listened to, and that the Conservative group in the parliament is seeking to ensure that the proposals will reflect their views.

Emma said:

“It is important that we listen to the views of bikers who also want safer and more environmentally-friendly bikes. We must ensure that the regulation takes into account their concerns.

“The Conservative group in the Parliament has already carried out a great deal of work to ensure that bikers can continue to make improvements to their bikes using a wide range of parts. I am confident that their viewpoint on ABS and on-board diagnostics will also be taken into account when the final text is agreed.

“Motorbikes are a passion for many people and EU legislation cannot, and will not, ruin that passion.”

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