Opportunity for businesses to tell EU what to do

East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin is today urging businesses to take their chance to tell the European Commission which bits of EU legislation cause them the most problems.

The European Commission (EC) is running a consultation to identify the 10 pieces of EU legislation that cause businesses the most problems. Legislative areas to be considered include energy, environment, taxation, employment, and social affairs, along with many others.

The EC consultation is part of the ‘Think Small First’ project, which aims to reduce bureaucracy for small and medium-sized firms across the EU. It will run until 21 December, after which the EC has pledged to look at the results of the consultation and take action to reduce the burdens on smaller companies.

Miss McClarkin said:

“One of the most frequent things business owners tell me is that there are EU regulations that are bad for their business, or heap cumbersome red tape on them.

“This is why I’m very glad that the European Commission is running this consultation, but it will be meaningless unless businesses respond to it.

“There isn’t much time left, so I would urge business owners to go online before the consultation closes and tell the Commission which legislation causes them the most problems.”

Businesses can take part in the online consultation at http://tinyurl.com/EC-Consultation

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