East Midlands MEP pleased as European youth study and sport package is agreed

The European Parliament today approved a comprehensive package of funding measures in the field of education, training, and sport which will cover youth study and training programmes through until 2020.

The so-called Erasmus for All programme was supported by East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin, along with other Conservative MEPs, after their pressure led to a significant improvement in support for grassroots sport.

Miss McClarkin, who was the Conservative negotiator on the package, said:

“This programme will present welcome opportunities for young people who choose to study overseas elsewhere in the EU.

“It was important for us to gain the best possible support for grassroots sport and crucial that money should not be swallowed up by national and international sports bodies. We managed to achieve that.”

During the debate in Strasbourg, the East Midlands MEP said:

“I’m hopeful that this programme will continue to allow young people to take advantage of the opportunity to study overseas and to learn new skills and experience different cultures.

“I’m delighted that sport has, for the first time, a dedicated budget and although I would have been happy to have given sport an even a larger part of the Erasmus budget, this is a positive first step.

“I particularly welcome the focus on grassroots sport, as these are the people and organisations that stand to benefit the most from inclusion in the programme. I am hopeful that these opportunities will benefit not only the participants, but the wider economy.”

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