Conservatives calls for answers on EU-China steel discussions

International Trade Spokesman Emma McClarkin has urged the European Commission to provide answers over the state of talks between the EU and China on allegations of “dumping” in the steel sector.

The East Midlands MEP has tabled a so-called “priority question” to the European Commission, following reports that the US trade officials have set up a dialogue mechanism with their Chinese counterparts to discuss over-capacity.

The European Commission is being asked what interaction it has had with China over allegations that China has breached international trade rules by possibly flooding Europe with cheap imports.

Miss McClarkin said: “The British steel industry is facing unprecedented pressures, with many job losses and plant closures.

“I am concerned that the European Commission has been far too slow off the mark in investigating whether current anti-dumping measures need to be revised or strengthened.

“If the US can set up a formal dialogue with China on steel, then why can’t the EU?

“At last week’s Parliamentary debate in Strasbourg, the European Commission supported our calls for stronger anti-dumping measures, but it is now time for warm words to be backed up with real action to support our steel industry.”

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