Improved access to TTIP documents a welcome move, say Conservatives

Conservative MEPs have welcomed today’s announcement that all MEPs will have access to all categories of confidential documents relating to the proposed EU-US trade agreement, TTIP.

Under the agreement struck with the European Commission, MEPs will be able to access the confidential documents – known as “consolidated texts” – in a secure reading room in the European Parliament.

Access was previously only granted to a limited number of around 30 MEPs.

The documents are also available in member states, giving wide access for the UK government.

Conservative spokesman on International Trade, Emma McClarkin said: “I welcome today’s announcement that access to important documents on TTIP will be given to all MEPs.

“Allegations that talks on this flagship EU-US trade agreement are taking place behind closed doors are yet another myth about the proposed trade-deal that need to be refuted. These claims are acting as a diversion from the real benefits the agreement can bring.

“What we should be talking about is the fact that TTIP is the most transparent trade deal the EU has ever done, while focussing on the opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

“We now need negotiations for a comprehensive and balanced TTIP deal to proceed swiftly, to ensure we get a real boost for jobs and growth.”

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