East Midlands MEP feels the EU ‘Cod do Batter’ on encouraging Fish Consumption

Emma McClarkin, member of European Parliament for the East Midlands, today acknowledged the need for the EU to tackle the recent drop in fish consumption and she feels they must take the bait.

Today Emma signed a written declaration urging the Commission to consider measures to tackle the recent drop in fish consumption in the last two years. The latest data on the EU market, including 2015, has confirmed a downward trend in the consumption of fish throughout Europe.

The East Midlands member has been a firm champion of the local fisherman and local fisheries, most recently voting in support of a report that backs small-scale coastal fishing in the UK in April.

Miss McClarkin noted clearly that, regardless of Brexit, a drop in fish consumption was detrimental not only to immediate health of the individual, but also to local communities who depend on this trade for income and employment.

“What good is our previous hard work to ensure better rights and support for local fisheries and fisherman if the EU cannot acknowledge the need to encourage the consumption of these goods. I feel strongly that this is an issue that the Commission must take seriously and I will work hard to emphasise these concerns until our fisheries are free from European red tape”.

Emma also stressed the importance of regular fish consumption in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making reference to the historical epidemics of ‘Derbyshire Neck’ in the 1800s, an inflammation of the glands due to a lack of minerals that comes from the regular consumption of fish.

Miss McClarkin went on to say:
“For me, as well as the importance of trade, a balanced and healthy diet is absolutely vital. Parts of my constituency, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire especially, are historically notorious for not eating enough fish, so I am signing this written declaration to urge the EU to take an interest in the health and livelihoods of the individual”.

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