Brexit: ‘This is the moment we have been waiting for’

East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin has welcomed the activation of Article 50 as ‘the moment we have been waiting for’ after Prime Minister Theresa May today notified the President of the European Council that Britain will be leaving the European Union.

By triggering Article 50, Mrs May has now started the formal process of negotiation needed to ensure Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and Ms McClarkin is extremely positive about the activation, believing this will allow the country to get on with the job of planning our future outside of the EU.

Speaking today, Ms McClarkin, a dedicated Brexit campaigner said:

“This is the moment we have been waiting for, when we can begin the process of withdrawal and start to clearly map out our future outside of the EU.

“Negotiations will be tough but if both sides come to the table with the best interests of their people in mind, I firmly believe a good deal is possible. We have many mutual interests in security and trade and now it’s time to deliver on them.

“The Prime Minister is strong and clear in her expectations for withdrawal and in her aspiration for our future relationship being the freest trade deal possible with the EU. But crucially she is prepared to walk away if the deal is not good enough for us.

“That’s the kind of toughness we need to make sure we get the best deal for the UK. We need to show the EU that we do now mean business”

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