Emma McClarkin MEP welcomes the “important” EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement

Emma-McClarkinConservative Spokesperson for International Trade, Emma McClarkin MEP, today threw her support behind the news that the EU and Japan have agreed a free trade agreement.

It was announced on the eve of the G20 meeting in Hamburg that both parties have signed the political agreement, with only a few outstanding issues left to be resolved.

Miss McClarkin said:

“At a time of declining global trade it is vital that two of the largest economies in the world continue to make the case for global free trade to bring prosperity and wealth to consumers and businesses.

“This agreement shows when the will is there between partners good deals can be struck”.

She added:

“I hope this deal leads to further trade and investment flows and increased market access for businesses and farmers. This deal will go some way to supporting economic growth and providing cheaper products for over 600 million consumers.”

Combined both economies account for a third of global GDP and the agreement will lower barriers on nearly all goods traded between them.

Whilst negotiations have not officially concluded, this agreement marks a significant step in the discussions between the two economies.

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