Emma McClarkin MEP welcomes agreement between the UK and EU

The UK and EU negotiating teams have today announced that an agreement has been reached on the UK-EU implementation period, citizens rights and the financial settlement.

Today’s announcement represents a landmark deal, securing the rights of UK and EU citizens up to December 2020, whilst allowing the UK to prepare for its future through trade agreements with other nations.

Miss McClarkin said, “I am delighted that from March 2019 the UK will have its own independent international trade policy for the first time in over forty years and will be able to sign trade deals with old friends and new allies from across the globe.”

Today’s deal gives businesses and citizens clarity on the terms of the implementation period between the UK and the EU. It further highlights the willingness on both sides for continued co-operation through the negotiations, and into the future.”

Now the UK must grasp the opportunity to negotiate a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between with the EU and reach out to the rest of the world.”

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