Tariffs are not the answer to global oversupply of steel

Emma-McClarkinUK must protect its industry from President Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs, Emma McClarkin MEP told the European Parliament today.

Speaking in the Parliament’s debate on the US’s decision, Conservative Joint Trade Spokesman Miss McClarkin said: “I regret the US’s decision and the impact that it will have on the UK’s industry and it is right that we seek to defend it from these tariffs. Any counter measures must be proportionate and measured, we must not escalate the situation but lead by example.

“The UK and the EU are close allies of the United States. We work together to guarantee each other’s security through NATO, the UN Security Council and in many other international forums. The US should recognise this close partnership and grant the EU the same exemption as their NAFTA partners have been given.

“Tariffs are not the right way to tackle the global oversupply of steel. Instead, a multilateral solution is needed.”

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