Tariffs on EU steel and aluminium will fail to address the global overcapacity and cost European citizens and businesses, says Emma McClarkin MEP.

“I am extremely disappointed that both the EU and the US did not find a permanent deal to exempt European businesses from the tariffs on steel and aluminium. The United Kingdom and the European Union are close security allies of the United States and the close cooperation between the UK, the EU and the US through NATO and other international forums is the cornerstone of international peace and security.”

“Tariffs are not the right way to address the global problem of steel overcapacity and are incompatible with World Trade Organisation Law.

“It is right that the UK and the EU seek to defend our domestic industries from these tariffs and any countermeasures by the EU must be in accordance with international trade law and should not exacerbate an already tense situation.

“We should lead by example to demonstrate we believe in free trade and the rules-based multilateral trade system.

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