Emma McClarkin MEP is delighted to join CANZUK International.

Emma-McClarkinToday, Emma McClarkin has joined CANZUK International as a member of their advisory board.

CANZUK International is a non-profit organisation advocating freedom of movement, free trade and foreign policy coordination between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (the “CANZUK” countries).

Miss McClarkin said, “I am delighted to become a member of CANZUK International’s political advisory board, which boasts respected political figures from across the CANZUK countries, and support proposals that are central to the UK’s prosperity post-Brexit.

“We must strengthen ties between our closest friends and allies to forge a common alliance on trade, foreign policy and to enable greater travel between our nations.”

James Skinner, Chief Executive of CANZUK International said, “CANZUK International is delighted to welcome Emma McClarkin MEP to our political advisory board.

“With Emma’s wealth of experience as a Member of the European Parliament and belief that the United Kingdom can prosper outside of the European Union, and develop closer trading and diplomatic relations with the CANZUK countries, we are delighted to have her as part of CANZUK International’s advisory team”.


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