Tariffs are not the answer to global oversupply of steel

UK must protect its industry from President Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs, Emma McClarkin MEP told the European Parliament today. Speaking in the Parliament’s debate on the US’s decision, Conservative Joint Trade Spokesman Miss McClarkin said: “I regret the US’s decision and the impact that it will have on the UK’s industry and it is …Continue Reading

By embracing China, we can enjoy a golden age of trade post-Brexit

As the Prime Minister visits China on her first major trade trip of 2018, both the UK and China are redefining their positions on the world stage. The UK is raising its eyes to look beyond Europe, rekindling old alliances and friendships with countries afar, whilst China is seeking to transform its high economic growth, …Continue Reading

Emma McClarkin MEP welcomes news of an agreement between the UK and EU.

The UK and EU negotiating teams have today issued a joint report on their progress towards securing an agreement on the three areas covered in phase one of the Brexit negotiations. The agreement secures citizens’ rights, represents a fair financial settlement and maintains the Common Travel Area with Ireland. Miss McClarkin said, “I welcome today’s …Continue Reading

Emma McClarkin MEP makes the case for pursuing ambitious trade deals with a 21st century approach 

Addressing the Transatlantic Policy Network in Washington DC, alongside Members of the US Congress and Senators of the Republic of Mexico, Miss McClarkin argued that we need innovation to make the most out of the opportunities that the collaborative economy has to offer. The Conservative Coordinator on the International Trade Committee said: “Trade has always …Continue Reading

Emma McClarkin MEP leads successful calls for Free Trade Agreement with Australia and New Zealand

Emma McClarkin MEP, Conservative Spokesperson for International Trade, yesterday spoke to fellow MEPs on the importance of negotiating a landmark trade deal between the European Union and the two nations. These remarks were well received by her counter parts across the political spectrum, and are encouraging signs for the talks to come. In her speech, …Continue Reading

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